Learn How to Forgive


Learn How to Forgive

Learn How to ForgiveAre you searching to learn how to forgiveForgiveness, one of the most important aspects of God’s love and grace, is among the most powerful forces in the universe.  The contrasting negativity of not forgiving is a powerhouse of corruption and destruction.

The roots of human problems invariably involve not properly learning how to forgive.  The process of pinpointing and confessing the sin and the roots of not forgiving is the first step toward forgiveness.

The enormous power of forgiveness is a frequent subject of books and articles, and that power is indeed amazing.  The reason?  It is a God-like power.

We definitely exalt the God-like power of forgiveness and do not minimize it.  On the other hand, few books talk about the explosive power of failing to learn how to forgive .  Since this spiritual malady is one of the most common problems in the world today it behooves us to examine the problem.

Learn How to Forgive Others

If you want a preview of God’s Fruit of Forgiveness (several chapters), personal audio and written teachings on forgiveness (absolutely free!) from Pastor and author Robert B. Scott, fill out the form on the right. Take your first step to learn how to forgiveFill out the form to Learn How to Forgive




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Many of Robert B. Scott’s printed books are now  available in convenient e-book format. All his books, in printed or in e-book form, are available from the bookstore.

Learn How to Forgive

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