Peace or Rejection – You Choose

Peace or Rejection

Rejection is the most common problem in our society, yet no one has offered a real solution.This book delivers, offering help to those wounded by the pain of rejection. Everyone has experienced some form of rejection, whether from family, siblings, mates, boyfriends/girlfriends, schoolmates or churches. Many have felt rejected by God. Even secular psychologists recognize that babies not held by parents within the first few hours after birth are affected by rejection.

Author and Pastor Robert B. Scott accepted Jesus forty years ago and Jesus has been patiently teaching him to walk in the fullest understanding of the Father’s love. He has experienced freedom from rejection as a layman and as a pastor for 35 years. God gave this revelation to his colleague Gerald Budzinski, one of the foremost authorities today on curses. A major publishing house recognized the uniqueness of this information, and we offer it as God’s solution to this universal problem.

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Peace or Rejection - 328 pages
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