God’s Fruit of Forgiveness

How to Forgive

Are you searching to learn how to forgive?

How to Forgive Forgiveness, one of the most important aspects of God’s love and grace, is among the most powerful forces in the universe. The contrasting negativity of unforgiveness is a powerhouse of corruption and destruction. Its fruit, as pictured on the cover to the left, is rotten to the core, infected by terrible tormentors. Canadian pastors have preached sermons from chapters of this book and have found them to be the most profound understanding of the subject of how to forgive that they have ever seen. They come from divine inspiration as well as from the experience of apostolic leader Gerald Budzinski, who has found the need to learn how to forgive to be the most frequent issue he has dealt with in nearly a half century of counseling.

The most profound we’ve ever read on the subject!
-Pastor, British Columbia, Canada

Pastor Robert B. Scott of Freedom Church of God, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has tasted the corrupt, bitter fruit of unforgiveness en route to learning how to forgive others, himself. Robert lost all that a man holds dear in twelve years of devastating illness whose root cause and hindrance to healing was unforgiveness. Healed, he has now tasted and enjoyed the blessing of the powerful fruit of forgiveness once he learned how to forgive. He writes from his own experience and from forty years of pastoral ministry in France and Canada. God has inspired him to write Why Doesn’t God Heal Me? as well as Peace or Rejection – You choose and Bible Code Broken! – The Truth about the Christian Sabbath.

Most Profound Sermons about How to Forgive

“The most profound we’ve ever read on the subject!” That’s what several pastors have called the sermons Youth Pastor Scott Bishop gave when he was only sixteen about how to forgive.   Collaborating with a man who has specialized in dealing with unforgiving people for nearly fifty years enable this young man to bring forth unique and astounding insight into an issue that has affected every person on Earth. His four-sermon series is included in this expose of one of the world’s greatest problems, the rotten fruit Satan has offered to unbelievers and believers alike. The authors point the way to freedom in the One who said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

We must realize the stress and anxiety that guilt can cause in our lives.  This guilt comes from not learning and knowing how to forgive.    If you are searching for harmony and well being in your life, it is crucial that you learn how to forgive as soon as possible.  The opportunity to receive one of the most profound books about how to forgive is at hand.  Your mind and body will finally be at peace when you learn how to forgive.

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