Robert’s Audios

1) Married to Jesus

2) UFOs — Fears and Denial

UFO Sermon

Do You Know Your Father God Loves You?

Family Feuds Resolved

Will Jesus Find Faith in You?

Pentecost (Love Came Down)

Lawless Grace

Hebrew in the Kingdom Hebrew words describe the Kingdom we celebrate at the Feast of Tabernacles.

The Untold Truth about Hell Hell is the most misunderstood doctrine in the churches today. Finally the truth is told in this radio program about the bad boy’s club.

Why Were You Born? You were born for a great purpose. Some think it was only to worship God forever. While worship is a part of our present and future, God has so much more in store for us than simply worshipping Him. Find out why you are here on Earth.

Blood of Jesus Powerful revelation few Christians know and practice. The blood of Jesus has great power when you use it, especially in communion. Learn why you have no eternal life if you don’t take communion, and learn how to take it.

Sex in the Churches Illicit sex in churches is more prevalent than ever. Why does it happen and how can you avoid the pitfalls of sexual perversion?

Healing Testimony Pastor Robert recounts the amazing story of his escape from death from Legionnaire’s disease in 1986 and his dramatic healing from two incurable diseases in 1998.

Shalom Introduction to its meaning The conceptual word shalom has over 70 meanings. Pastor Robert gives an introduction to the vast meaning of this conceptual word. Its over 70 meanings are all blessings, which is why we use it to greet each other.

Gods Forgiveness Important keys on the most important problem in the church today, condensed from the new book, “God’s Fruit of Forgiveness.”