Photos and Bios of Speakers

Charley West has been serving the broadcast industry for over 40 years. After meeting Jesus and receiving Him as Saviour and Divine Master 10 years ago, it was just a matter of time before Charley was convicted to serve Jesus through the radio.

Having been in the Edmonton market place the last 20 years, Charley was called out of the secular, mainstream radio industry to join a company of broadcasters playing Contemporary Christian music, doing the early morning show. It his association with the Freedom Church of God that has blessed him to be able to be part of the development of this Internet Radio site dedicated to equipping listeners to ‘know the truth’ and be set free. Contact Charley at:


Pastor Gerald Budzinski has been a believer in Jesus and the Word of God for the last 55 years. His ever-maturing faith has continued to motivate him in his unique ministry. He asked God to give him understanding of the conceptual meanings of Hebrew and Greek words, and God granted him his request. Gerald’s resume includes having been a highly respected market analyst. He prefers, however, to be known as a lover and seeker of God’s truth, which he so ably teaches.




For 40 of his 61 years, author and Pastor Robert B. Scott has sought to serve God’s people in pastoral ministry. Sine he accepted Jesus at the age of 16 at a South Carolina youth crusade, he has been an ardent student of the Bible. While he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in theology, he credits His Teacher, the Holy Spirit, with the biblical knowledge and understanding he has gained in forty-five years of study. He has been blessed to share that knowledge with believers in France, where he pastored for almost five years, and in Quebec, where he pastored three churches over an eleven-year period. During the time in Quebec alone, he gave over 2000 sermons and Bible studies in French. Since 1988 he has given many more messages in English in Edmonton, Alberta, where he now pastors Freedom Church of God. Contact Robert


Lynda Scott’s love for Jesus is evident. Her gentle spirit and compassion make her an effective discipler, where she excels in one-on-one sessions of encouragement of new believers. She diligently prepares the sermons she is called upon to give, both in the church and on radio. She has been called to take an active part of the church praise and worship, having started with Pastor Robert a few years ago. After having worked outside the home, she looks forward to working full-time in the ministry at her husband’s side. Lynda has been blessed with four adult children, four grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.



Charlene Bishop is the wife of our music evangelist Colin Bishop and is ordained as a teacher of judgment in her own right. The way she is able to be a loving mother to four children, including two teenagers, and to do home schooling for the younger ones, as well as to prepare messages and type radio transcripts is nothing less than a wonder. It is only explainable in the power of Jesus. The Hebrew word for judge has an interesting meaning in the picture painted by its letters. It means, “door to life.” The Door to Life Himself, Jesus, employs Charlene to open the Book of Life and Love, the Word of God, to those of us in Freedom Church of God and to the listeners of


It wasn’t long before God showed us Hugh Potter’s anointed gifting. He was born to be a pastor. His love, friendliness, humour, and people skills have been a blessing to us in Freedom Church of God. Pastor Hugh is a testimony to the truth of Job 23: “When he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” We believe you will be blessed by hearing his messages on He travels frequently to Africa to serve our Kenyan pastors and brethren.


Marilyn Williamson is an accomplished work in the hand of God. She is a prayer warrior par excellence. She is also the head deaconess of Freedom Church of God whom we like to call the “first lady” of the church. Her responsibilities are manifold and she fulfills them in the strength of Jesus, whom she loves with all her heart. She will exercise the wisdom and love of Jesus as she regularly and discreetly prays for listeners on air. She realizes that we are all unfinished works in the hand of a loving Potter, so she will meet you where you are.


Joyce Gingerich is one of those rare people it’s hard to find something negative about. She is a deaconess in Freedom Church of God, and she lives up to the meaning of that title: she is a servant, a handmaiden of God. She serves the church diligently, going above and beyond. She recently celebrated the forty-second anniversary of her baptism into the body of Christ. She loves to talk about the Word of God and her Saviour Jesus, and she lives what she says. We know you will enjoy the teachings of this woman of integrity.


Alanna Edmonds was drawn to Jesus when she learned about the existence of the demonic forces that influence people. God has made her into a specialist at spiritual warfare. She effectively leads prayer conference calls and will be on the air regularly to pray for listeners who request intercession. By Jesus’ power Alanna has weathered trials that would cause many Christians to give up. These challenges have only enhanced her ability to intercede for others with the compassion and wisdom of Jesus.