At Freedom Church of God ( and, we are blessed to have an apostle who is one of the foremost authorities on spiritual strongholds. He also has a special understanding of the conceptual Hebrew language that he asked the Holy Spirit to give him. A major rabbinical scholar in Canada who is one of the few versed in the actual original, conceptual, biblical Hebrew has confirmed that God has given Gerald Budzinski special insight into the language. So his sermons are almost always extremely meaty. The others of us who speak sometimes give spiritual meat, but you would be wise to start with ours so you are prepared to hear Gerald’s messages. They are profound and heavily anointed by the Holy Spirit. We will provide folders with the names of the speakers, men and women (we have strong teachings on women in ministry in our A-Z section of, and as soon as possible we will provide extremely brief resumes of the teachings so you can choose what you desire to listen or watch for your personal edification or for a home Bible study or church service. Click on the folder with the name of the speaker and you will then be able to select the sermon you desire to hear and play it with the Flash Player we provide.

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We hope to repeat this Benjamin fast soon. One man received $1 million
in 9 days after asking God for that amount for an orphanage in Kenya.

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