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We invite you to view the video from freedomtruthseekers.com featured above: Can You Handle the Truth?, which we are using as an introductory video for this site. We also make various recordings of recent sermons and presentations available for you to access immediately here on site, below:

Do You Know Your Father God Loves You? (Sabbath, August 4, 2012 Pastor Robert Scott)

Help Africa!

Family Feuds Resolved (Sermon July 7, 2012)

Will Jesus Find Faith in You? (Sermon June 2, 2012)

What Determines Your Value? (Bible Study, Pastor Gerald, June 12, 2012)

Put No Shame Upon Me (Pentecost Sermon 2012 — Edited)


Can You Handle the Truth? After the welcome video, watch this first!

What’s New?  What is God’s view on newness? Pastor Robert explains.

Truth about the Rapture Featured Video

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